Travel Planning

Travel Plan Network

To support organisations in looking at travel to their sites, Cardiff Council has established the Keeping Cardiff Moving Travel Plan Network. The Network provides members with all of the tools and resources needed to promote active and healthy travel, cut car use and reduce the local and environmental impact of employee travel.

Members of the Keeping Cardiff Moving Travel Plan Network have access to:

  • Free online survey (including posters and prizes to encourage maximum participation for effective monitoring)
  • Bi-annual newsletter – travel planning and journey sharing
  • Travel plan resources and bespoke advice on starting a travel plan
  • Free (for first year, followed by discounted) membership of Share2Cardiff
  • Free marketing materials and annual marketing plan
  • Bi-annual network meetings/Travel Plan Forums
  • Free visit to your site to advise on carrying out a travel audit (for sites with 50+ staff)
  • An offer of grant funding (e.g. Keeping Cardiff Moving Grants, Park Your Bike).

To join the Keeping Cardiff Moving Travel Plan Network, you will need to provide us with some brief details about your organisation and a contact name.

For more information, for a membership form or advice on how to promote sustainable travel with your organisations, please contact Cardiff Council’s Travel Plan Officer on