Travel Planning

Cardiff Council Travel Plans

Cardiff Council is leading by example and has a programme of work to develop Travel Plans for its employees in Cardiff. Travel Plans have been developed and approved for major council sites, including:

  • County Hall
  • City Hall
  • Willcox House and Global Link
  • Brindley Road and Bessemer Close
  • Lamby Way

To support and guide its travel planning work, Cardiff Council has developed a Travel Planning Strategy which sets out objectives and an action plan detailing how these will be achieved, as well as targets and a structure for monitoring progress.

All of the Travel Plans and the Travel Planning Strategy are available below.

Each Travel Plan follows a similar process of development and format that organisations are encouraged to use this when developing their own travel plans. A Travel Plan template which can be easily adapted to the needs of individual organisations is also available here.

For more information about travel planning or sustainable transport in Cardiff, contact the Travel Plan Officer on: