2013/14 - Route 6 Phase 1 Cardiff Bridge to Victoria Park

The Council’s transport team have consulted with the public on a range of proposals for new schemes to improve how we travel in the city.

As a result of the public consultations and street audit a number of amendments have been made to this scheme across the cycle route. The changes are as follows -

Section 2 – Cardiff Bridge

  • The segregated lane widths have been revised to 2.1m footway and 1.4m cycle lane. 
  • The toucan crossing on the Taff Trail will be realigned to remove the pinch point and more closely follow the desire line.

Section 3b – Neville Street junction
This will see the introduction of the first cycle crossing in Cardiff which will run parallel to the upgraded pedestrian crossing on Wellington Street

Section 4 – Neville Street to Llandaff Road

  • The roundabout markings at the Kings Road junction have been replaced with a speed table and selected lane markings
  • The pavements will be widened by incorporating buildouts into the footway
  • Other buildouts will be removed completely

Section 5 – Llandaff Road to Clive Road

  • During the consultation requests were received for works to this section to be included in the final scheme. Additional funding has been secured to include this – the works will include: resurfacing, lane marking removal, the addition of speed tables to the existing pedestrian crossings, removal/reinstatement of build outs, removal of street clutter such as guardrail where possible