Adult Cycle Training


Adult Cycle Training

Booking a free adult cycling session is now online!

Our trainers are qualified to teach all three levels of the National Standard For Cycle Training

Beginners (level 1): If you’ve never ridden before, beginner level will teach balance, control and the basics of cycling in a traffic free environment.

Intermediate (level 2): You’ve just begun cycling or started cycling again. This will help build your confidence and get you cycling on roads by teaching how to communicate with other road users, use junctions and positioning yourself safely.

Experienced (level 3): Even the experienced rider can benefit. Our trainers can teach you to navigate tricky complex junctions on your regular journey or help you plan a more efficient journey.

You might not be sure where you fit. These levels are presented as guides.

At the beginning of the session, our trainers will assess your competency level and chat to you about what you would like to get out of the training. They can then tailor to your specific needs, whether you’re a level 1 or a level 1.5!

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Our one hour one-to-one training sessions are completely free of charge

What you should bring

• Your bike
If you do not have a bike, please click here

Before we start any training, we need to check that your bikes are suitable ie: the right size, fully working brakes, enough air in the tyres etc. Our trainers are able to make minor repairs and adjustments and provide advice on this but please allow extra time if necessary.

• We recommend you wear a helmet and high visibility clothing

Cancellation and Rearranging

If you need to cancel or rearrange a session please give our trainers 24hr notice. Unfortunately if you fail to do so we will not be able to offer you training again in the future.

Queries and questions

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