20mph Pilot Scheme


Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to this FAQ, we've also produced a factsheet which is available to download here.

• Why is this being introduced?

20mph speed limits reduce risk to vulnerable road users and make it easier for people to use healthier and more sustainable modes of transport.

Neighbourhoods with lower traffic speeds can also benefit from an improved social environment, with easier road crossing and safer conditions for children to play.

• Why 20mph?

Collisions are less serious and occur less frequently when traffic is travelling at 20mph. You are seven times more likely to be fatally injured in a collision with a vehicle travelling at 30mph than at 20mph.

• Where will it be?

The pilot area will be in Cathays and Roath. A map of the pilot area is available to view here.

• When will it happen?

The scheme will be launched on 31st March 2014.

Signs and road markings will start to be installed in the area from late February 2014. 

• How will I know where the limit is 20mph?

20mph signs will be installed at all entrances to the pilot area, with smaller repeater signs placed at regular intervals on poles and lamp columns along the roadside where the limit is enforced. 

‘20’ roundel markings will also be painted onto the road surface throughout the scheme.

• How did you decide the area?

The pilot area was selected following a feasibility study that was carried out to establish the area which would be best suited to a 20mph scheme using analysis of traffic speed and collision data from across Cardiff. The initial consultation with members of the public took place in the summer of 2013, and a survey found that 65% of respondents supported the proposal in the designated area. A report on the consultation is available to view here.

• Are you installing speed bumps?

This scheme is a ‘signs-only’ pilot, so no additional traffic calming measures will be introduced as part of this scheme.

• How long will the pilot last?

We expect the pilot to last two years, during which time we will be carrying out extensive monitoring to assess the impact of the scheme.

• How will you know if it’s working?

Deciding whether or not 20mph limits work for Cardiff is a key aim of this pilot project. We will look at the effect 20mph speed limits have on traffic speeds, collision frequency, bus journey times and reliability, pedestrian and cyclist counts, as well as taking into account public opinion.

• Will it increase my journey time?

Not significantly. Research shows minimal impact on journey times by car and bus where 20mph limits have been put in place – a matter of seconds, not minutes.

• How will it be enforced?

If implemented, 20mph will become the legal speed limit in the pilot area. It will be enforced in the same way as any other speed limit in the UK; if you are caught breaking the speed limit, you may receive a fixed penalty fine and points on your license.

• I have a question that is not answered in the FAQ.

Any additional questions or comments can be directed to a member of the 20mph team by emailing 20mph@cardiff.gov.uk.